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RITES OF PASSAGESeptember 10-17

Every prolific change in a man’s life has required his faith and trust in something greater than himself. Every new level of leadership and embodiment invited him to release control. The great mystery called him to walk through that door where there lied a portal to a new embodied energy, love, courage, and knowingness within himself. 


We find ourselves at Crossroads in our planets evolution. Two worlds existing simultaneously alongside each other. We feel the shadow aspect as a man that wants to drag us into the timeline of anger, projection, and war; but the true essence of our soul desires to be liberated in our mind, soul, and heart.


It is our time MEN. We are here to create a world where every young man on the planet goes through INITIATION before God and braves the wild of his own inner landscapes to return to society a new man that leads from his heart and has a burning to desire to be of service and make humanity whole once again.


I truly believe that is one the most important journeys man will ever take in his lifetime. After he returns on his journey he then gets to spread this seed of ancient remembrance with every man he meets. I believe it is our sacred duty as men to return the most ancient ceremony in existence back to the earth once again.



Welcome MEN⚔️🦁

Rites of Passage can be best described as described as caterpillar entering the chrysalis and going through this deep time of inward reflection and darkness and then emerging as this beautiful bright butterfly. It is not the same caterpillar that we once knew before entering the chrysalis. This man enters the wild and steps into the great unknown to fast and be with all the comes up, and returns a new refined embodied confident version of himself; stepping closer to true stewardship and kingship.

What happensto a man on aRites of passage?

He learns to trust himself more. He learns to feel more confident and safe in his body. He activates the leader he was destined to be. That may be for just his family, his community, thousands, or millions. Inside every single man is a leader and when we walk into the eye of the storm to unveil all the fallacies that are not actual truths of who he is, there begins the start of this man’s journey as an initiated man before God. 


This is a sacred time when a man gets space to feel it all and deeply and intimately commune with nature. This man is desiring to take radical ownership and responsibility for the suffering he’s endured much by his on doing.

Watch my transmission on the importance of this initiation here.

Who is this for?

This is for the man who desires to claim his own inner kingdom and stop being controlled by external forces and desires.


We have a world full of billions of men who do not know who they are. They do not know what it means to stand for something bigger than themselves.


Rites of passage is one of the most ancient spiritual practices in existence.


When a boy would reach the age of 15-20, he would venture out alone into the great unknown to discover who he was. He would sit with his pain and discomforts in a fasted state without any food to listen to the earth, the water, the rocks, the trees, the animals, his spirit guides, and his ancestors. 


This special time was a coming of age. It was a time set aside to be with God. It was time to see the divine in himself and become one with nature.


After he would return on his quest he would no longer would sit on his mothers lap. He was now initiated into MANHOOD to serve his community and lead from the universal truth within him.⚡️🦁


This is something our society is desperately missing. This planet needs men to sit in their own fire with no distraction and no external validation. Our people need men to be the loving warriors they came here to be, one that is not ruled by ego but lead by love and service.

Am I really capableof doing thisRites of Passage?

Without a doubt.

It is a calling that I pray every awakening man on the planet hears at some point in their journey. Every man I have ever encountered who has embarked on a Rites of passage says it was one of the most if not the most life changing weeks of their entire life. Something ancient and godly is activated in a man that says yes to this journey, this will stay with a man for the rest of his life and is felt by all of creation.


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September 10 - 17

 We will be merging on the 10th for our "last supper". We head into the wilderness on the 11th. We emerge KINGS from the wilderness to our castle in the woods on the 15th. We rejoin the world anew on the 17th.


 In the North Cascades in Washington.

I have been to 45 countries and spent over 3 and half years out of the United States traveling. This is the most beautiful forest I have seen anywhere in the world. You will be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in the forest, your ancestors, and your guides.


 SIX men will be embarking on this journey with you. You will be with the men and the guides in the wilderness but you will not talk to or see anyone for the duration of the 4 days in nature.


 We are fasting for 4 days with only the water coming from the river and a bottle of Redox per day.


 I have done many fasts in my life. I have done extended water fasts over the years, and more recently fasts with ASEA Redox. A water fast in terms of purification simply does not compare to fasting with water and Redox. The work that the Redox molecules are doing with 60% upregulation in the DNA makes it truly one of a kind and incredibly powerful to fast with. Redox is ‘light’ so it also pushes out darkness when we fast with it. This will optimize this time to reach ultimate depths of reclamation of our own soul. I received guidance that this was the most powerful way for men to experience a Rites of Passage. Your REDOX is included in your booking. 


$3333 shared room 

$3444 private room 

Payment plan available. 2 payments.

To be paid in full by 9/1.

 I truly believe men need INITIATION.
This is what our sisters are yearning for, for men to show up, for men to live and die for something far greater than themselves, and for men to be a father not just for their daughters but for all children. A new earth man needs to be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally strong for the times ahead and to be a pillar of light for others.

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