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Breathwork taps into the central nervous system to calm the mind and purify the body. Entering a trance-like state you surrender to release trapped emotions/trauma. Through long rapid breathing we suppress our pre frontal cortex, which is associated as the ego.  This allows us to let go of our physical body and who we “think” we are to allow profound healing to take place in our psyche and allow the subconscious and unconscious mind to bring to the surface whatever is ready for you to fully process and release. We are also decreasing C02 in the entire body while raising the pH in your blood to roughly 7.3 or 7.4 pH making your body more alkaline.  In terms of health, we would desire for our body to be more alkaline than acidic, because disease thrives on acidity from sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and stress.

One must also have good mental, emotional, and spiritual health. One can bring awareness to the physical and energetic body cultivating more immunity, vitality and prana flow throughout the body. If washing the outside of the body is considered important, than one could justify that washing the insides of your body is even more important; that is essentially what breathwork can be used for. Not only can breathwork purify and cleanse our body by sending oxygen to all of our cells activating our central nervous system. With breath control and meditation practice we can remove trauma that our spirit or soul has carried for many many lifetimes . We also learn we are in the driver seat of our own mind, thus bringing more consciousness into every facet of our life. This is ultimate health. Through spiritual practice such as regular breathwork, meditation, yoga, mantra, tai chi, and other forms of energy movement.The human body is it’s own miraculous healer and I want to help you uncover the intelligence that lies dormant inside all of us.

**Please review the health restrictions before booking any services.

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