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Andrew Genovese is a Dimensional Breathwork teacher/facilitator, sacred space holder, plant medicine guide, visionary, and New Earth Ambassador.


On his journey to heal his own traumas, Andrew found breathwork and his purpose to bring balance and healing to the global community through various practices from around the world. He is a wealth of knowledge of healing modalities, spiritual teachings, the human mind, and our current earthly affairs scientifically, spiritually, and metaphysically. He is always adding to his mastery, skills and certifications.


Andrews’ true catalyst to step into his divine role began after he spent three months living in a tribal village in the mountains of South India with his guru Vinod Kumar studying breath, patanjali yoga, as well as ancient yogic practices and philosophy from thousands of years of knowledge passed down in his guru's lineage of Shivananda. He refined his practices and learned how to share his innate gifts with the world and be of service to the collective.

At his lowest point, with nothing left to lose, Andrew began to explore, play with, and discover his own breath and the infinite healing possibilities that lay within.

He spent thousands of hours resetting his nervous system and rediscovering his relationship to him self and his breath. 


He dove into the deepest spaces of faith, trust, and surrender to fully heal.


Andrew now had a new awareness of our multidimensional galactic existence. He saw a massive need for nurturing safe spaces for radical healing to take place. Our species ability to find power in themselves and become an alchemist was pertinent.


Andrew asked himself, “What would Breathwork look like for people to experience their full infinite multidimensional nature?”


This is how Dimensional Breathwork came to be. 

Andrew holds a unique wisdom of healing modalities, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, and leads people back to find their heart.

He wants to help us all remember how special this planet is and the pure unconditional love that will radiate throughout earth as we enter the Golden Age.


He speaks at events all over the US and internationally on the interweb, offers transmissions, private 1 on 1 guidance sessions, holds dynamic workshops, expansive retreats, and online or in person dimensional breathwork sessions for individuals, couples and groups.

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