Andrew Genovese is a Dimensional breathwork teacher, healer, and nutritionist who specializes in helping people move towards wholeness. On his journey to heal his own traumas he found breathwork and his purpose to bring balance and healing to the global community through various practices from around the world. He has journeyed to over 40 countries learning various philosophies and healing methodologies along the way. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge of healing modalities, spiritual teachings, the human mind, and our current earthly affairs scientifically, spiritually, and metaphysically. He is always adding to his mastery, skills and certifications. Most recently he spent three months living in a tribal village in the mountains of South India with his guru Vinod Kumar studying breath, patanjali yoga and reiki, as well as ancient yogic practices and philosophy from thousands of years of knowledge passed down in his guru's lineage of Shivananda.

Andrew offers online group dimensional breathwork sessions, private online pranayama sessions, workshops, retreats, and hands on in person dimensional breathwork sessions for individuals, couples and groups. 

Breathwork brings forward traumas [from birth, post-natal, ancestral, archetypal, past life] to the forefront to release from the physical and energetic body. It moves people towards a stronger connection with themselves, a better understanding of the world around them and removes fear and anxiety. One of the greatest benefits of breathwork is the realization of ones own connection to the quantum collective consciousness; gaining a deeper inner knowing of their connection to all living beings and the universe around them. 


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