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ASEA Workshop

Join Sepp Hock, Julia Westley and I in this amazing course guiding you to success.

  • Started Apr 11
  • ZOOM

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A free 12 week training to kickstart your business with ASEA. Tools to get started, maintain and flourish with this revolutionary product. Hello New Earth legends! Join me for a FREE informative 12 week course led by ASEA experts Sepp Hock and Julia Westley who bring their vast knowledge and unique codes to this free course. Let's take a deep dive into ASEA and the importance of this revolutionary product. We will be discussing how to create a sustainable abundant business with this incredible ascension supplement. Sepp is double diamond and has been with ASEA for 8 years creating a seven figure business. He is seriously passionate about this product - it saved his life!! Hear his story and learn from his wealth of business knowledge. Julia is a diamond and has been with ASEA for 6 years creating a successful six figure business. She shares her zeal for ASEA through her story from debilitating chronic lethargy to full of life woman on a mission. This course is for all healers, health practitioners and those looking to personally increase your vibrance with this liquid light supplement. Learn what ASEA can do for you and your clients, and how to use and distribute this amazing product. There is truly nothing else out there like this. I am super excited to continue sharing ASEA and growing an amazing team committed to this movement towards whole health and healing. I seriously love this product and cannot recommend it more! Join our incredible rapidly expanding team. This is a breakthrough Ascension Supplement that regenerates cellular health. Now you can heal, feel, and look even better than ever before! For the first time in the history of our universe anentire race is going through physical ascension... We are blessed to have found this breakthrough technology that is a 100% non-toxic super powerful supplement with zero contraindications that can upgrade DNA and fully support the lightbody creation. The added benefit of anti-aging properties and an amazing skin care line is fantastic too! In all seriousness, this is where the game changes!!! Join free and receive the ZOOM link via email. This will be a 45 minute discussion with a 15 minute Q&A. LET'S GO NEW EARTH!!!

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