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About the Course

I invite you to join me for an transformational journey.

What is the most challenging thing for people in the current evolving world?

As a collective and individually we have become disconnected from our emotional centers and bodies.

We are afraid of being seen at the core of who we are and exposing the hurdles we may be dealing with internally.

Hurdles are normal. ALL emotions are normal. We need to find our way back to self and feeling and free expression.

How can we heal this?

How do we process stored emotions to crack ourselves open to fully release our most radiant selves?

I created this container to be a safe sacred space for you to be radically accepting of all your beautiful imperfections and be emotionally held and loved on by yourself in this powerful container.

How do you flow with emotions?

You will be approaching some key emotions with curiosity and going through your memory bank to uncover what you may still be sub-consciously, unconsciously or consciously holding onto, preventing you from truly being in your authentic truth and power.

I will be sharing codes with you throughout the container to take along on your life’s journey to break through recessed tension points and call forward ease and expression.

We will use modalities of somatic movement, vocalization, written expression and breathwork each week to feel into your body and release all that does not serve you and call in your most authentic glowing self. You will cultivate a sacred space and truly see yourself for the unique individual and soul's journey you chose for this extraordinary lifetime here on planet Earth.

Join me.

This is a do at your own pace container, recommended for 5 consecutive weeks.

Each session will be full of exploration, play, liberation, guidance and tools to flow better with emotions.

Enroll now and gain lifetime access.

Your Instructor

Andrew Genovese

Andrew Genovese

Emotion Codes




5 Weeks

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